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Type III Pressboard Expansion Shelf Folders Pressboard Expansion "Shelf Folder" Full Side Tab & Flexible Tyvek® Tape Expansion Available in eight colors (see below) 2" prong fasteners available in two configurations: • One Prong - top right panel only (Position-1) • Two Prongs - top right and left panels (Positions- 1 & 3) A-4 Metric Size Available / Can be quoted **PLEASE NOTE** Pressboard folders are custom made folders - Do not hold in stock! Most orders take between 4-6 weeks from date order entry. Please contact customer service with any questions regarding the turn-around times. Also These are sold in qty''s of 250 If this minimum exceeds the quantity you wish to order, please contact our office and we can offer you a comparable SMEAD item if available.

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