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Welcome to Walsh Envelopes
Welcome to Walsh EnvelopesSince 1927 the Walsh family has been serving clients in the USA and Internationally for SPECIALTY envelopes and folders of all types. 

In the old days the envelope was the way to carry your thoughts, messages and ideas to your loved ones, family, associates, business partners at home and abroad and to acknowledge receipt of gifts, changes, financial transactions, local news, and money transfers.

Today Walsh is able to provide you with the greatest variety of specialty 
transfer materials that help you to:
  • Speed your messages
  • Spread your ideas
  • Index your documents
  • Organize your secrets
  • Expand your thoughts
  • Present your plans
  • Order from Walsh on-line

In the near future our current contract clients will have secure access to their inventory records showing ordering history by their products, office and destination. Contract product releases can be made on-line with confidence that offices will receive the proper items on time.

Walsh is a leading distributor of envelopes, folders, files and labels that you can touch and use as well as all the latest communication software and technology products you want.

Our partner sites are listed throughout this web site. See what they have for you and come back to Walsh to order. We make it easy for you to find what works for you as well as what's new in this world of communication agents.